Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Evolution of My Tears

I have never been one of those people who cries tears of joy (FTD on the other hand cries during a good hallmark commercial) or for reasons other than fear and pain. There have been a few exceptions to this over the years however.

Age 15 - We discovered a certain bar in Dupont Circle the happily served alcohol to underage kids.

Age 18 - I moved away to college and opened my eyes to a world of all night parties and scruffy granola boys.

Age 22 - My first "real job paycheck". My salary was only slightly above that of my previous waitress salary however, I no longer had to serve anyone a twice baked potato.

Age 29 - I was living in San Francisco and we had no off street parking. I once (emphasis on once) drove home and there was an open parking space right in front of our old beat up victorian.

Age 34 - Zoë took an afternoon nap in her crib after only 2.5 months of daily attempts.

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