Friday, February 8, 2008

Floppy Burritos

FTD here, blogging from the hospital room where we finally get to spend a night with Zoë. Apparently FTD's burrito making skills leave something to desired and Nurse Simone didn't win any awards for hiding her distaste at my efforts.

One of the joys, or is it fears is now getting used to all the noises my little one makes. Right now she is kind of burbling (apparently this is a word according to spell check) to herself. I'm guessing these are contented sounds or maybe she is working on a quality poo of the strange yellow mustard color we are told is appropriate for this stage. There was great celebration in work today when I was able to announce a 'code-yellow' and I was assured this is a significant developmental milestone.

So its all systems go for take bean home today tomorrow. Dogs have sniffed multiple blankets, have shown nothing less than angelic behavior over the past few days as FTM has been recuperating. According to Cesar, Delilah and Noe should meet Zoë outside, give her a good sniff and we can all go inside as a family. FTD will report tomorrow on how it all goes down...

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XXX said...

am totally confused. Are you making burritos in the hospital? Strange.... Anyway we're delighted little Z is coming home! Congratulations!