Friday, February 1, 2008

42 Weeks and Counting

Today is officially 42 weeks pregnant. Today is the day when the doc says "That baby is getting huge - time to get her out". We are on call for a ring from the hospital to say there is an open bed and that the process can begin. Could it possibly be less natural?

Rather than being anxious I am celebrating baby bean's upcoming birthday at home alone this AM. Her day has begun with breakfast in bed by FTD (gotta love him) and then a mid morning birthday cupcake to get the show on the road. Knowing that they won't let me eat at the hospital and that I am about to go through trauma, I am trying to have a final day of "no baby in my arms/pregnancy pig out". I figure from here on I have to start losing the baby weight, so I'd better take advantage of my last few hours of justified glutany (sp?). Oh, and I think I may need a couple naps throughout the day as well - why? Because I can!

Next post will include pics of bean! Here we come into the wild world of parenthood. Wish us luck!

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