Friday, February 29, 2008

Where has all my time gone?

FTD here as we approach 1 month since Baby Bean was born. I can't believe our little human has been with us for over a month!

To our loyal readers we apologize for the radio silence, but somewhere along the way we don't know where our time has gone. Restless rumbles from bot family and friends that they no longer able to read about our daily foibles are compounded by the mourn faces that I am met with from our four legged children as once again, they realize a walk is a once a week privilege.

Our lives now revolve the low fidelity whine of the baby monitor to which we are a slave. Every pop, whistle, scratch and blink has us listening to understand whether its the 'change my diaper/nappy cry', the 'feed my now cry' or my personal favorite 'get me out of my cot cry'.
Let me not forget that FTD gets in lots of trouble if these blood pressure inducing devices are not charged.

I'll get FTM to add some of super-Mom thoughts here this weekend.... and more photos to follow soon.

Friday, February 8, 2008

Floppy Burritos

FTD here, blogging from the hospital room where we finally get to spend a night with Zoë. Apparently FTD's burrito making skills leave something to desired and Nurse Simone didn't win any awards for hiding her distaste at my efforts.

One of the joys, or is it fears is now getting used to all the noises my little one makes. Right now she is kind of burbling (apparently this is a word according to spell check) to herself. I'm guessing these are contented sounds or maybe she is working on a quality poo of the strange yellow mustard color we are told is appropriate for this stage. There was great celebration in work today when I was able to announce a 'code-yellow' and I was assured this is a significant developmental milestone.

So its all systems go for take bean home today tomorrow. Dogs have sniffed multiple blankets, have shown nothing less than angelic behavior over the past few days as FTM has been recuperating. According to Cesar, Delilah and Noe should meet Zoë outside, give her a good sniff and we can all go inside as a family. FTD will report tomorrow on how it all goes down...

Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Monday, February 4, 2008

Zoë Lola Bruce

Born 02h19, February 3rd at a hefty 8.9 lbs.

News, pictures and video to follow...

Friday, February 1, 2008

FTD's last day before bean arrives

Given that tomorrow finally means bean is arriving, I really should have done a better job of arranging my schedule. For my last day before fatherhood, instead of relaxing or doing something I enjoy, I am stressing about a presentation that is not ready and mountains of documents that need to be updated before I check out for a week.

Something tells me my legendary inability to effectively manage my time is going to be challenged as of tomorrow. Any good suggestions are welcome and will be given serious consideration... comment below!

42 Weeks and Counting

Today is officially 42 weeks pregnant. Today is the day when the doc says "That baby is getting huge - time to get her out". We are on call for a ring from the hospital to say there is an open bed and that the process can begin. Could it possibly be less natural?

Rather than being anxious I am celebrating baby bean's upcoming birthday at home alone this AM. Her day has begun with breakfast in bed by FTD (gotta love him) and then a mid morning birthday cupcake to get the show on the road. Knowing that they won't let me eat at the hospital and that I am about to go through trauma, I am trying to have a final day of "no baby in my arms/pregnancy pig out". I figure from here on I have to start losing the baby weight, so I'd better take advantage of my last few hours of justified glutany (sp?). Oh, and I think I may need a couple naps throughout the day as well - why? Because I can!

Next post will include pics of bean! Here we come into the wild world of parenthood. Wish us luck!