Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Bean Will Hatch Into A Nestless World

With every passing week there is another disappointing doctor's appointment. If you have ever been pregnant you will understand this statement all to well. You come in thinking "today could be the day" or at least "today may be the day they tell me it could be any day"...But no such luck - I once again left my appointment with no positive MD reinforcement that I won't still be pregnant at 10 months.

So as any modern woman would, I came home from my apt. to search Google for ways to naturally induce labor and to determine what all this discussion of effacement and dilation really means. What I have learned is that I could be like "Jessica from Toledo" and have a baby tomorrow or like "Jennifer in Princeton" and go another 3 weeks. Apparently being dilated or effaced are only a couple of indications one will go into labor. So as I sit here drinking Raspberry Tea and contemplating how bad Castor oil will really taste, I am left to wonder when I will completely drop and when I will begin to nest. Yes that is correct, apparently I should be Nesting if I am about to go into Labor.

I have read this nesting theory before and thus have left all of the worst offenses from FTD to be organized when this instinct kicks in. I have been planning on organizing his 3 junk drawers, his 2 sets of disorganized shelves in the garage, and the enormous workbench I found him that you can't even walk up to at this point due to the piles of junk that are just left next to the thing. Additionally, I have a few projects of my own including my closet and jewelry boxes. The problem is that I HAVE NO INSTINCT TO NEST! I am not tempted to organize, clean, not even so much as put away the laundry. There are piles of laundry everywhere, Bean's bottles and baby accessories are crammed into a cabinet in between the phone books and some expired rubbing alcohol, and her towels and wash clothes (which I still don't understand why she needs her own) are sitting in the bathroom amongst piles of old magazines and worn out bathmats that I can't bring myself to take to the Goodwill. I am fine with all of this. I have no urge to clean any of it up. In fact, it makes me feel comforted that my mess is still here and that we haven't become the clean organized house on the hill.

If the Raspberry tea and spicy Indian food do work and I end up having bean before July, I hope I can recruit one of my pregnant friends to come over and nest. Either that or we are really going to have to increase the frequency of our cleaners. Do you think that maybe FTD will get the nesting urge? No, I don't think he will either. I would just settle for him to master the art of not cramming used Kleenex in his tea cups and leaving them around the house.

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XXX said...

You do realise Karen that you will never be able to even sniff raspberry leaf tea again once Bean arrives. Can I suggest a very funny film followed by a walk up a steep hill? The former worked for me, the latter for a friend! Hang in there. And those tissues in cups, it's a very old old habit. I remember. Victoria