Monday, January 21, 2008

The perfect push present?

Ok, I need to poll my new audience as to what is the perfect push present for FTM. For those, not in the know the push present is defined as that gift that is given to the mother of my child o be when, well she does all the work of pushing baby out. So - help me out ... I have already purchased something, but I have the nagging feeling it might not be on the mark.

So it begs he question - Should I be original/silly/insightful/practical in my gift?

We are due Friday, this week so post your suggestions quickly!


FTM (first time mom) said...
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FTM (first time mom) said...

perhaps you should go with this?

ShallowGal said...

Jewelry. Unless the baby is over 10 pounds and then a Lincoln Navigator is in order.

Temporary Jerusalemite said...

Forget jewelry. I think a practical gift is more in order. I think a good gift would be if FTD promises to allow FTM have sleep ins every single Saturday (or Sunday, FTM's choice) and not to pretend not to hear bean's cries in the middle of the night but to get up and deal with it.... All in writing obviously.