Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Pregnant belly = Productive Contractors

A simple equation, you'll agree but the threat of imminent child birth has motivated my unfocused and dis-organized contractors to stratospheric heights of productivity. Leaving work like this to times like is, I acknowledge is fraught with danger, but fingers crossed, the long neglected bonus room may actually be complete today!

We even have FTM and the imminent 'bean' keeping her omnipresent eye on their activities at home to make absolutely sure they meet their self-imposed 48 hour deadline.

Honestly, I don't know why time limit penalty clauses are the norm for home contractors. It is maddening to try match well meaning recommendations from your friends to results that so rarely work out. firsttimedad has constantly amazed as to how these people stay in business with levels of service so poor, unpredictable reliability and a pricing system that is wildly inconsistent. Maybe we should follow the lead of the Writer's Strike and lock out these contractors and demand better terms. With the housing market in the shitter and by extension home improvements tracking downwards, now might be the perfect time...

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