Saturday, January 12, 2008

Weekend's first crisis

Nothing like the noise of dripping water waking you up in the middle night. At 3am last night, firsttimedad reached for the phone to call my least favorite of numbers; the home warranty people. Now, its important to remember our previous run-ins with First American have produced mixed results: one dispute that lasted for months .... a plumber sent to deal with an over-flowing toilet (FTM is still having night mares about this...) made an enormous hole in our kitchen ceiling in what turned out to be a futile effort to repair the leak. The home warranty company then offered a miserly amount for a repair what became known as the bat cave. Months of fighting later we had to fix it ourselves....

7am on a Saturday morning and once again FTD and FTM are clutching our caffeinated and de-caf coffees... Various scenes from the 'Money Pit' are running through my head and I'm gearing up for another smack down with First American. Our plumber, who reminds me of the poor soul who looses his stapler in 'Office Space' is currently filling our shower bed in an effort to generate a torrent of water through our ceiling..... I'm waiting for the awful news that we have to rip up tiles and re-do the bathroom..... does it ever end?

Case in point: our near 20 year old house is showing the bumps and scrapes. If we want to sell this place in the next 12 to 24 months, i dread to think what else we will discover!

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