Thursday, January 3, 2008

Awaiting launch date

So we are 20 days away from the official launch date. There is an eerie calm before the storm. All is quiet, things seem ready, but we seem to be mentally preparing for the onslaught of poo invested nappies (diapers in US lingo) and two determined dogs who I am convinced will conquer the Diaper Genie II.

firsttimemom (but long time dog lover) remains amazingly placid, despite a minor panic over certain chemicals that are placed in certain tonic water. As it turned out she would have literally had to be swimming in the stuff to have any effect on what we are lovingly referring to as 'bean'.

Speaking of which, firsttimemom is the paragon of the mom to be, and show endless patience with her husbands nervous twitches, inability to stay still and general dislike of being confined to home. Her loving attention even extended to nursing a very sorry for himself firsttimedad as he has succeeded in loosing his voice much to the delight of his every suffering work buddies.

The wait is almost over...

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