Tuesday, January 8, 2008

A Sudden Change of Heart

Before I was pregnant I found it completely bizarre how random acquaintances felt completely comfortable asking me and FTD when we were planning to have children. Conversations usually went something like this;

random person - "You love movies, we used to love the cinema as well .... that is until we had kids. You will see one day, they will just change your lives completely. "

FTM -growl

Random person - "When are you planning to have kids? You shouldn't wait too long, you are already over 30."

FTM - What in the hell gives this person the right to ask me about my reproductive plans? "hmmm, thanks for the tip"

Random person - "I didn't know what love was until I had my girls. You'll see! It is the most amazing thing. It is nothing like having pets or loving your husband. Children just complete your lives"

FTM - My life is complete. I love my life thank you very much! "that's great"

Once you are 9 months pregnant however, all of this "Children saved me from the depths of despair" crap ends. Conversations now a days are like this -

Random person - "You better sleep now - you have no idea what you are in for. This is your first right {chuckle under breath}. Do everything you can now. You can't do anything for the next 9 months but feed your child and dream of sleep."

So what the heck changes. All of these breeders try to make you join their happy baby club for years and then as soon as you sign up you can hear them all chuckling under their breath ... "Suckers, now they can't go snowboarding on the weekends and rub our noses in it any longer."