Tuesday, January 8, 2008

When four-legged children go bad

firsttimedad has recovered enough from the financial tsunami that was last weekend to recount the details of last weekend. With the impending arrival of bean, it increasingly becomes a challenge to keep a lid on so many more things, having your two dogs (lets call them Spud 1, and Spud 2) force two (yes two!) emergency vet visits is the last thing you want to happen.

Spud 1, (pictured above) our elderly dog found herself in an altercation with a puppy at Petsmart. The puppy jumped on Spud 1, Spud 1 barked and the the puppy came off worse. Cue bloody puppy ear, much scolding for Spud 1 and a convoy to the nearest emergency vet. firsttimedad was very magnanimous and paid the vet bill for poor pup. Hopefully he's doing well now.

As if to add insult to injury, Spud 2 our younger, fatter and lets say less intellectually gifted dog took her trash can explorations to new heights on Sunday. firsttimedad and firsttimemom were both enjoying a relatively easy quiet Sunday afternoon in the full knowledge that opportunities for said occasions is rapidly diminishing. We arrived home to what we like to call trash can walk about where magically the trash moves itself in the middle of the kitchen floor. We normally find a guilty Spud 2 sorry for her actions, but we got so much more than her usual remorse. This time she succeeded in retrieving an old dog food can from the trash, chewing it on our bed this lacerating her tongue and bleeding profusely all over our bed. Ahhhh! Cue call to the vet and off we go again. You can almost hear the cha-ching as you pull up to the vets at 5 on a Sunday; high 3-digit bills are the norm in these situations. For the second time, Spud 2 was admitted for slicing her tongue, and we even managed to have the same vet surgeon.

Monday night things have changed in firsttimedad and firsttimemom house. Spud 1 is on intensive 'Cesar' training. Spud 2 is sporting four stitches on her tongue and is operating under a strict 10 meter exclusion zone away from all trash receptacles ....

And they say we are not ready for parenting? ....

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